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Celebrate Good Times


Happy (#)  Birthday (name)

Abbreviated Birthday Messages: “HBD (name)” OR “(name) is (#)”

Happy Retirement (name)

#1 Mom

#1 Dad

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

Empty Nestor’s!

Happy Anniversary

Officially Divorced!

Cancer Free!

Welcome Home!

Bon Voyage!

Officially Canadian!

Just Engaged

She Said Yes

Marry me?

Marry me (Name)?

Will you marry me (Name)?

Congrats Newlyweds

The (Name) Wedding

(Name & Name) Wedding

Just Married

Baby Shower

It's Twins!

We’re Expecting

Boy or Girl?

OMG Twins!

It’s a Boy

It’s a Girl

Welcome Home (name)


Taking Care of Business

Open House # to #

Blowout Sale

Open # to #

Welcome to your new home!

Buy One Get One

BOGO Event

Farmer’s Market # to #

Grand Opening


Under New Management


We are the Champions

Opening Day

Go (Team Name)!

Thank you Coaches!

#1 Coach


(Association Name) Registration Open

Batter Up!

(S)He Shoots (S)He Scores!


It’s My Party

Over the Hill

50 and Fabulous

65 and Doing Fine

Vintage (year of birth)

(Name) is Sweet 16

Cheers to (#) Years!

Send Help! (Name) is 13!

ABC, Easy as 123

We Love Our Teachers

Thank you Teachers

Last Day of School

(School Fundraiser Event Name)

School’s Out for the Summer

Congrats Grad (year)

Congrats (School Abbreviation) Grad (year)


Welcome Back!

First day of school (year)

Parents Just Don’t Understand

(Name) Do Your Chores!

(Name) Did His/Her Chores!

Proud Parents Live Here

Official Driver in the House

Help Us! We Have a Teen!

(Name) Got a Job!

Honour Roll Student Alert

(Name) is College Bound!

We Will Miss you (Name)

Can You Guess the Wifi Password?

Clean Your Room


I Saw The Sign will not provide derogatory, racist, sexist or other phrases that we deem inappropriate or over the top.  We are all for some light-hearted fun but we have limits!


NOTE: All phrases are subject to availability.  The earlier you book the better!

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